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Will IoT Improve Healthcare?

IoT - Will IoT Improve Healthcare?
Will IoT Improve Healthcare?

IoT promises transformation of healthcare industry by increasing efficiency, lowering costs and putting the focus back on better patient care. For those who have tried, what are the results? What are some of the related challenges that healthcare CIOs are facing while trying to maximize ROI from related investment?


Dr. John Showalter

Dr. John Showalter, Chief Health Information Officer, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Dr. John Showalter is an influential thought leader on the innovative use of health information technology, devices, and data to drive improvements in healthcare delivery. Dr. Showalter serves as the Chief Health Information Officer at the ... More   View all posts


  Sanjog: Taking about healthcare, and of course we are looking at this IoT mega-trend where it is touching all different industries. When it comes to healthcare, what is so special, why? What's so compelling that we can say, yes, if we were to invest in and while already there so much transformation going on in healthcare.... More  
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Dr. John Showalter


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