Why IT Should Move at Two Speeds

Why IT Should Move at Two Speeds

A mountain bike decked out with gears is built to travel up rocky, uneven climbs as well as slick, paved downhills. But an IT department focused on gathering requirements only has one speed, and for many groups that’s way too slow. Two-Speed IT is built on the mindset that IT can move swiftly when needed to innovate and quickly implement projects that otherwise might go “rogue,” but also maintain the low gear necessary to mitigate risk associated with business-critical IT operations. How can CIOs build a new ride to handle the many peaks, slopes and valleys of the IT environment?


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Gavin Nichols

Gavin Nichols, VP of Strategy/EA/R&D Innovation IT, Quintiles

Gavin Nichols is Vice President of Strategy/EA/R&D Innovation IT at Quintiles. Currently Nichols main focus is to drive, vision and mold game changer opportunities for Quintiles business across clinical andcommercial drug development, w... More   View all posts
Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas, CIO and Global Head Technology Solutions, Quintiles

As Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Global Head Quintiles Technology Solutions, Richard is responsible for all aspects of technology with clients around the world, as well as internally across Quintiles business. With an extensive portfo... More   View all posts
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