Who Likes Change?

Who Likes Change?

Not too many of us like change. Change introduces the unknowable, leaves us open to the unpredictable, may deny us control, and puts us face-to-face with the possibility of failure. Luck may rescue us and bring success, but achieving that success can be a very scary process. So, how do you make change management a successful, repeatable process, instead of hoping for luck?

We know the milestones:

Vision, the building of Momentum as the change is Implemented, eventual Sustainability, and finally the Desired Results! But what does it really take to successfully implement a change though these milestones, and then reliably repeat the process again and again, elsewhere, anywhere, as needed, when called upon? From job to job, organization to organization, a CIO must be ready to manage change, repeatedly.

How do you, as a CIO, deal with change? What insights have you learned over your years of dealing with change?

Three CIO’s from very different types of businesses are going to tackle the question of how to make change repeatably successful, July 6th, 2011, on CIO Talk Radio when we discuss the topic, From vision to fruition, what’s it take to implement change? 

We look forward to insights on change management from the CIOs of a Sports organization (Larry Bonfante, CIO of the US Tennis Team, and author of a recent book: “Lessons in IT Transformation” published by John Wiley & Sons);  a CIO of a seasonal ecommerce business (Steve Bozzo, CIO of 1-800.Flowers.com), and a CIO of a traditional product manufacturer (the Global CIO of Constellation Brands, Harish Ramani). We expect these 3 CIO’s with a total of 50+ years of experience among them, to offer a range of insights that will engage the entire IT community, and help us all to better handle change in the future.

We hope you will listen in to compare notes with our guests, and maybe reaffirm what you already know or learn something new. Comment, and tell us what you think, after listening to the show. We want to know if you felt this show added to your IT knowledge base.


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