Welcome to our new Website and Blog!

Welcome to our new Website and Blog!

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Hello all. As the inaugural entry to my new “CIO Talk Radio” Blog, I would like to take a moment and share with anyone kind enough to read this, about how I got here and my hopes for the future of this blog, as a technology forum.

Back in 2003, I started a technology talk radio show almost as a hobby. Technology is fast paced, but the dissemination of information about it at that time, depended on the slower modes of traditional media. Furthermore, unless you could get to where an event was going on, practitioners rarely heard the information directly from out of the mouths of the IT leaders who were the ones successfully dealing with its challenges and establishing best practices.

Serendipitously, Internet based radio was establishing an online presence, right at this same time. It occurred to me, that if I got seasoned practitioners to talk about their experiences, successes, mistakes, and accumulated wisdom on the show, listeners could learn directly from these front line resources and avoid costly mistakes and find better ways to practice technology. Over time, I had fun doing it, and the weekly show prospered well beyond my expectations.

Now I am starting a new show website and blog.

My hope for the future is that CIO’s and other IT leaders and technology enthusiasts will use this blog and the show as an opportunity to create a community where IT practitioners can find voice or share information on any strategic IT management issue.

I want to thank all my past and future guests, and welcome bloggers. Let’s make this a great forum and a great community!

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With warm regards,

Sanjog Aul
Talk Show Host


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