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Staffing - How to Hire Well
Playlist Staffing

How to Hire Well

Is there a hiring guide that CIOs can refer to while hiring talent? Is there a checklist that they must follow in order to choose the best talent...

Playlist - Doing IT Differently
Innovation Playlist

Doing IT Differently

Every CIO has a way of managing IT. While some are conventional methods, there are other CIOs who believe in experimenting and innovating. Here are a...

Playlist - Culture is King
Leadership Playlist

Culture is King

Isn’t managing the culture of an organization one of the most important part of your leadership skill? From these talks, find out how to make...

Playlist - Love Thy Customers
General Playlist

Love Thy Customers

Customer recognition has become more important than ever. If the customer doesn’t approve your product, you have had it! These talks will tell...

Playlist - IoT is the Future
Innovation IoT Playlist

IoT is the Future

Enterprises across the world are already seeing the huge benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) in the commercial space. And gradually, IoT is entering...


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