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Staffing - Tackling Team Troubles
Playlist Staffing

Tackling Team Troubles

Leaders are always looking for ways to reduce the problems faced by their teams. How to make their teams stress-free and more productive. Listen from...

Playlist - Top Technology Talks
General Playlist

Top Technology Talks

Year after year, a new technology creates a hype until it becomes mainstream. Listen from a range of talks on such disruptive technologies that we...

Playlist - Leadership in Crisis
Leadership Playlist

Leadership in Crisis

There will be instances when your leadership skills will be tested. At such times, how to use them to tackle crisis management? Listen to these talks...

Playlist - The CIO Career Guide
CXO Playlist

The CIO Career Guide

For years, CIOs have been known to be introverts who were managing IT from back offices. In the last decade or so, the CIO role has gone through an...

Playlist - Analytics This!

Analytics This!

Analytics aren’t new to the IT world; businesses and technology leaders have used analytics for decades. These talks will give you an insight...

Staffing - Talks on Team Building
Playlist Staffing

Talks on Team Building

Building a productive team is extremely important for a leader. A team that is efficient, smart and talented. These talks will tell you what goes...


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