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Innovation - Supporting Value Innovation

Supporting Value Innovation

Today’s overcrowded industries are like sharks competing in a “bloody” ocean of rivals competing for ever shrinking profits, making growth impossible...

Innovation - Transforming Higher Ed

Transforming Higher Ed

Better higher Ed should produce better workers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators for the future. So why do so many feel higher...

Innovation - Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility

In my last blog, I wrote about IT agility. I wrote about three items that, if embraced, can enable IT agility: agile software development; strategic...

Innovation - Shock of the New Normal

Shock of the New Normal

Posted by CIO Talk Radio on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 in Leadership/Management Times are getting more and more “interesting” as if we were all under that...

Innovation - The Business Gas Pedal

The Business Gas Pedal

Posted by CIO Talk Radio on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 in Leadership/Management Once upon a time, business was a lone warrior, braving economic down...


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