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Playlist - Love Thy Customers
General Playlist

Love Thy Customers

Customer recognition has become more important than ever. If the customer doesn’t approve your product, you have had it! These talks will tell...

Leadership - Measuring IT’s MPG
General Leadership

Measuring IT’s MPG

Everyone tracks the Miles Per Gallon of their car for the simple reason that they want to know how much mileage they’re getting for their money...

General - The Problem with ROI

The Problem with ROI

With a sigh in his voice, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst James McQuivey explained how disappointed he is to hear an executive bring up ROI. “When...

General - Pros and Cons: DIY eDiscovery

Pros and Cons: DIY eDiscovery

Taking on eDiscovery in-house can be a great undertaking with a lot of risk, even if it can undercut costs in the short term. Jonathan D. Rudolph, an...

General - Bring Back COMDEX

Bring Back COMDEX

Now that the post CES hype has dropped to normal levels, it’s time for a little reflection. I used to love to go to COMDEX! Does everyone remember...


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