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Digital Transformation - Architecting for Agility

Buy vs. Build in the API Economy Buy versus build is one of the oldest debates in the software industry. Build proponents swear by the customization and control of in-house solutions, whereas advocates for buy praise the speed and low maintenance...

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Cloud - Managing Cloud to Manage Itself

Managing Cloud to Manage Itself

Cloud makes it easy to run a business but handling it can be complex due to its dynamic nature. How can we make it easier to optimize related cost...

Playlist - Cloudy Conversations
Cloud Playlist

Cloudy Conversations

Cloud Computing is once again on the CIO’s radar. The IT leader is now ready to further embrace the technology. This playlist will help you...

IoT - The Rise of Fog Computing
Cloud IoT

The Rise of Fog Computing

Cloud Computing has introduced transformative possibilities into IT departments around the globe, and increasingly the push is being made such that...

Security - Cloud Security Wish List
Cloud Security

Cloud Security Wish List

What’s the one thing above all that everyone worries about the cloud? It’s not scalability, suitability or vendor contracts; it’s security. But...

Security - Cloud Enabled Security
Cloud Security

Cloud Enabled Security

Traditionally, cloud has been seen as having major security vulnerabilities. Is it now possible to ensure that corporate and customer data is...

Cloud - The 5 Pitfalls of Cloud Adoption

The 5 Pitfalls of Cloud Adoption

Cloud-based services are being positioned as the holy grail of an efficient and effective organization. The path to adoption however can be daunting...


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