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The Last Mile to Personalized Healthcare

Upcoming - The Last Mile to Personalized Healthcare
The Last Mile to Personalized Healthcare
Please tune in for live broadcast at 9 AM Central on Wednesday July 26, 2017

We have the technology today to collect and analyze patient data as well as actions outside of clinical settings. A virtually infinite computing capability is also available to tailor diagnoses, treatments, and clinical decisions based on an individual’s health records within seconds. What are the roadblocks preventing us from completing the last mile towards Personalized Healthcare, the very basis of population health and value-based care?


Jon Russell

Jon Russell, Chief Information Officer, John Muir Health

Jon Russell is a senior vice president at John Muir Health (JMH) and the CIO. He is responsible for Information Technology and Services, Enterprise Analytics and Data Security. Bay Area-based John Muir Health is a 3.5 hospital IDN, employin... More   View all posts

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