The increasing Role of Data Analytics

The increasing Role of Data Analytics

In retail, loyalty is king, and only a select few retailers can boast truly effective and meaning full loyalty programs. But in a digital economy how can data analytics within retail help form a new breed of loyalty programs, ones that are personalized, engaging and differentiated for the consumer?

How will analytics bolster existing loyalty programs and be a game changer in the retail industry? Across other sectors, it may be a dying buzzword, but as data analysis practices get more sophisticated and aiding greating data collation, business leaders, and decision makers on how a company uses that data, must start to weigh the moral and ethical implications associated with so much of valuable information.

We need to define words, risks, and standards for best practices . How can leaders re-evaluate transparency and values pertaining to Big Data? Today, when Data and Analytics are at the very core of every business, driving strategy, innovation, and operational efficiency, organisations need to define a culture that enables its most ethical and smart leverage. What does it look like?



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