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The CIO Agenda last few years and beyond

Listen from a range of talks by CIOs discussing their priority lists for the past few years, and trace the changes in CIO priorities as the market dynamics undergoes drastic changes every year. increasingly, notice how IT is coming out of a corner room and becoming more strategic to business. Focusing on Increasing enterprise growth, attracting and retaining customers, creating new products or services (read “innovation”), or improving operational performance, IT leadership was clearly investing in time and resources in building new competitive advantage for their brand. By 2016, the SMAC advent has charted a new curse- new technologies, and their challenges entered the CIO buzz list.

Changes were seen in budgets, skilling and strategizing. the partnership between the CIO and CMO became more strategic and integral to business growth. Before the year was out, digital transformation became the objective, again throwing together the business and technology priorities. in 2017, CIO’s seem to to be thriving on an integrated, interdependent eco system that uses IT and Business as two sides of the same coin. Trace the changing market an technology trends through the insightful playlist.


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