The Business Gas Pedal

The Business Gas Pedal

Innovation - The Business Gas Pedal

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Once upon a time, business was a lone warrior, braving economic down turns, battling off competitors, and bowing down to demanding customers. IT was barely seen or heard from. IT consisted of a few mechanics that kept the hardware networked, software running, and the pipeline of services flowing while business people bravely forged ahead.

Meanwhile, technologists found nifty ways to use technology to do all sorts of cool things.  And because  IT snakes all through every aspect of an enterprise, it provides IT leaders with a high ground from which they can see the big chess board and business players on it, more clearly.  In a position to offer broader strategies, see synergies, and power new tools to help business, IT is now, more than ever, eager and ready to become a partner with business managers and empower them.

Today, as business success depends more and more on agility and quick response to economic and competitive threats. IT is ready to meet  the challenge and is finding ways to get products out fast, provide quicker service to customers, reduce costs, and help accelerate cash flow.  Where once IT was merely an enabler, today it has evolved into a gas pedal business leaders can step on, to speed up business.

Listen  in on July 20th, at 9AM to hear CIO Larry Bonfante, of the US Tennis Team, and CIO Marc Brown of Del Monte foods discuss how IT is accelerating their enterprises (here).


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