Terra Incognita: Secure Healthcare!

Terra Incognita: Secure Healthcare!

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to go digital and get into the cloud. Meanwhile, innovation in social media and the consumerization of  the workplace are adding additional complications. All of this is terra incognita! Go too fast, you may make very big and costly mistakes. Furthermore, With so many entities involved and no single point of control, will it ever be possible to achieve complete security? (Post your answer as a comment to the show or take our Secure HealthCare Delivery poll.)

When it comes to healthcare, what are the acceptable or calculated risks? Have such risks actually defined as yet? If we say “it depends,” then what clarity have the various constituents who work together to deliver healthcare, offered? Do we have a centralized understanding and a blueprint of “secure healthcare?”

Cloud offers a compelling infrastructure transformation opportunity. Furthermore, we have mobile devices that can improve productivity. And yet, both mean sleepless nights for IT and introduce unknowns and complexity. How are these problems being dealt with? How long can we avoid taking advantage of these compelling innovations?

Post your answers and watch for the results, and don’t forget to listen in October 19th at 9 AM Central , 10 AM Eastern, 7 AM Pacific, as Catholic Health Partners CIO Matt Eversole, Catholic Health Partners CSO Keith Fricke, and Wellpoint CISO Roy Mellinger  give THEIR ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS  and others when they discuss: Roadmap to Secure HealthCare Delivery on “CIO Talk Radio” with show host Sanjog Aul.

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