Technology Innovations: DOs and DON’Ts

Innovation - Technology Innovations: DOs and DON’Ts

It takes serious planning and immaculate execution to bring a new technology product to market. Dr. Bruno is well know for his pioneering work on Compact Discs, Multimedia, MPEG, Video Conferencing, and security systems. Lets listen to Dr. Bruno to learn about what should and should not be done to ensure successful technology innovation and product development.


Dr. Richard Bruno

Dr. Richard Bruno, Ex-VP Philips Electronics N.V. & Chairman, BeyondIf Corporation

Dr. Bruno is the Ex- Vice President of Philips N.V. and the Chairman of BeyondIf Corporation. As a CTO and CEO he is best known for his twenty-eight years of pioneering work on and leadership of the Compact Disc (in several of its formats),... More   View all posts
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