So, You Need to Outsource Your Workplace IT?

So you need to outsource your workplace IT

So you need to outsource your workplace IT

With the increasing strategic importance of IT, it would seem logical for IT leaders to focus attention on top line growth related initiatives. Meanwhile, workplace IT is a good candidate for outsourcing since doing so would free IT from the need to deal with provisioning, support calls, updates, and hardware refreshes. Certainly companies are ready to make this move. However, unaddressed questions such as “How much?”, “By whom?”, and “When?” may prevent companies from realizing the benefits. What can we learn from others who have done this successfully? With the advancement of technology, how far is this decision from becoming a no-brainer?


Pieter Schoehuijs

Pieter Schoehuijs, Chief Information Officer, AKZO Nobel N.V.

After 9 years in Europe with IBM and Ernst & Young, Mr. Schoehuijs spent a decade in the US working for a Flowserve, a Dallas based industrial manufacturing company, for Engelhard, a New Jersey based chemical company which was acquired ... More   View all posts

Lionel Lamy

Lionel Lamy, Research Director, European Software and Services, IDC

Lionel Lamy is a research director in IDC's European Software and Services Group. In this role, he is responsible for research focusing on the growing infrastructure services segment. Specific areas of research include utility computing, ma... More   View all posts

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