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Big data has the potential to be used to speed up our response to health crises, provide our soldiers with superior information capabilities and enhance interagency intelligence. How are the different departments and agencies coordinating this cohesive effort to ensure the said end benefits are being realized?


Ellis Burgoyne

Ellis Burgoyne, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, USPS

Ellis Burgoyne is the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of the United States Postal Service. Reporting directly to the U.S. Postmaster General, he oversees the integration of technology and innovation in delivering mor... More   View all posts

Cavan Capps

Cavan Capps, Chief DataWeb Systems, U.S. Census Bureau

Cavan Capps has worked for the last thirty years specializing in computer architecture for analytics. In the private sector, he worked in econometric forecasting before focusing systems development and architecture for the Army Research Ins... More   View all posts




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