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Simplifying Digital Now and Next

Digital is here, and we have to deal with it. It will also be there tomorrow so have to prepare for it. The perceived complexity and scale of what it’d take to embrace Digital seems daunting and is unnerving. Does everything you have today need to go away, replaced by the shiny new? How can you get clarity on what you need to be and stay Digital and how to go about it?


Brian Solis

Brian Solis, Author, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

Brian Solis is Principal Analyst and futurist at Altimeter, a Prophet Company, a keynote speaker and best-selling author. Brian studies disruptive technology and its impact on business and society. In his reports, articles and books, he hum... More   View all posts

Steven John

Steven John, CIO, AmeriPride Services

Steven John joined the company in 2014 and is currently responsible for the overall leadership of our Information Systems (IS) group and the ongoing development the company’s information management initiatives and digital strategy. Steven... More   View all posts

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