Rethinking Ethics for Digital
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Rethinking Ethics for Digital

Digital Transformation - Rethinking Ethics for Digital

Gaining competitive advantage, learning how humans think and make purchase decisions, and what’s going to happen next in business are some of the practical reasons organizations are looking to exploit digital capabilities. But, not everything legal, which serves our business interests, is ethical. Privacy is at risk and trust levels are deteriorating. How are organizations rethinking and maintaining high ethical standards in the digital era?


Frank Buytendijk, Author, Research VP, Gartner

Frank Buytendijk is a Distinguished VP and Gartner Fellow in Gartner's Data and Analytics group. His work mostly takes a futurist approach, researching the edges of what he covers. Mr. Buytendijk pioneers the topics of "the future," "digita... More   View all posts

Mike Peterson, Chief Information Officer / SVP of Information Technology, CHG Healthcare Services

A demonstrated IT leader with a focus on culture, engagement, and execution. Peterson holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance and technology from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in c... More   View all posts


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