Philanthropy and Technology Changing The World

Innovation - Philanthropy and Technology Changing The World

Philanthropic organizations across the globe all have a single goal; we want to work together to make the world a better place. The cause could be ending world hunger, poverty, disease or lack of education, but the intention is the same. The trouble lies in organizing all of those different parties who can help contribute money, resources and services onto that one unified vision. So how are NGOs starting to think like businesses in order to compete, deliver expectations and quantifiable change such that they can see a difference? How is new technology helping to produce more transparency, agility and information sharing toward this end goal?


William A. Brindley

William A. Brindley, Former Chief Executive Officer, Special Advisor in the Social Sector, NetHope

William A. Brindley is the Recently Retired Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of NetHope, a new-generation information and communications technology collaboration. Brindley is a veteran executive with proven expertise leading ... More   View all posts
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William A. Brindley


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