New delivery models & the economics of IT

New Delivery Models & The Economics of IT

Innovation - New Delivery Models & The Economics of IT

Finding ways to quickly build capacity or ramp up the capabilities of business in conjunction with IT, in order to enable them both to nimbly respond to market changes, is rather like training a couple of pachyderms to perform a ballet. How does such a delicately orchestrated dance impact the economics of IT? How could it affect IT budgeting, allocation, sourcing, or procurement? And, in turn, how could those changes impact the relationships/interactions between a CIO and CFO?


Mark Allan Lohsen, Vice President, Information Technology, and CIO, Veolia Environmental Services North America Corp.

As the VP-I.T. and Chief Information Officer, Mark Lohsen is responsible for evolving VESNA’s systems while managing the daily operations of all I.T. activities hosted at the Networking Operations Center in Greenfield, WI. The I.T. depart... More   View all posts

Peter Whatnell, Senior VP and Chief Information Officer, Sunoco

Peter Whatnell joined Sunoco in November 2001 as CIO. He is responsible for developing and leading the IT renewal strategy for Sunoco, a leading manufacturer and marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products with revenue of over $33 bill... More   View all posts
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