Is Your Discovery Data Good Enough For The Court?

Is Your Discovery Data Good Enough For The Court?

A court may not accept your Discovery data as evidence unless you can prove its integrity. How do you know if it has been tampered with and thus is no longer authentic? How do you deter malicious behavior and remove ambiguity over the authenticity of your records? How do you prove the ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘who’ of any digital and/or non-digital event?


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John M. Facciola

John M. Facciola, Magistrate Judge, The District of Columbia

John M. Facciola was appointed a United States Magistrate Judge in the District of Columbia in 1997. Prior to being appointed to the bench, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan from 1969-1973, and was in private practice... More   View all posts
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John M. Facciola


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