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Is CIO Succession Planning Still Relevant?

Is CIO Succession Planning Still Relevant?

For years, succession planning has been a crucial part of the CIO’s job. As a leader, The CIO’s responsibility to ensure continuity. However, with changing times, does the Chief Information Officer [CIO] need to evaluate and change his succession planning strategy? What are the concerns and goals that existing CIOs face and how should they find and mentor the right people to fill their shoes? How should succession planning be altered to develop successors who may be more relevant for the organization?


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Joe Topinka

Joe Topinka, CIO, SnapAV, CIO Mentor

Joe Topinka is a recognized game-changing career CIO, author, and executive coach. His ground-breaking book, IT Business Partnerships: A Field Guide, helps individuals and companies bridge the chasm between business stakeholders and IT Orga... More   View all posts


Sanjog: Today's topic is, Is CIO Succession Planning Still Relevant. And the guest for today's show is Joe Topinka, who is a CIO for SnapAV, and also the author of the book business IT Partnership. Hi Joe, How are you?   Joe: Good morning and thank you very much for having me on the show.   More  
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Joe Topinka


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