Innovating and Humanizing Retail Banks
Innovation Retail

Innovating and Humanizing Retail Banks

Retail - Innovating and Humanizing Retail Banks

With increasing customer demands and an entirely different market landscape brought about by numerous touch points and ways to interact, banks can no longer expect to earn customer loyalty simply by providing new perks and services. Banks need to be seen as human, relatable, reliable and trusting. But doing so is a big task, and it involves meeting consumers on multiple levels, adopting new mobile solutions and innovating the industry on the whole. So how do we start?


Jacqueline M. Vose, Principal, Customer Experience, Greenwich Associates

Jacqueline Vose, Senior Advisor, Client Experience for Greenwich Associates, is responsible for developing the strategic direction for the Firm’s Client Experience Management sector through product development, client engagement and inter... More   View all posts

Ron Balmer, Principal, Client Experience, Greenwich Associates

Ronald Balmer, Principal, joined the Firm in 2006 and is a recognized expert in the fields of Customer and Employee Loyalty. Ron has led customer and employee loyalty initiatives at dozens of organizations, including Federal Express, The Ri... More   View all posts
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