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How to Build a Voice of the Customer Playbook?

How to Build a Voice of the Customer Playbook?

Organizations collect a multitude of customer feedback—CSAT surveys, social reviews, insurance claims, voice-to-text conversions of customer orders, customer emails, to name a few.  Understanding and acting on all this textual data at scale can be complicated and costly. How should an organization build its Voice of the Customer playbook that offers practical strategies to use customer data to build loyalty, introduce products consumers want, and market to the right audience?


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Duane Lyons

Duane Lyons, Practice Lead, Wavicle Data Solutions

Duane Lyons leads Wavicle Data Solutions' Restaurant & Food Industry Practice. He helps big restaurant brands and other enterprises across the food value chain realize the power of their data to improve operational processes and deliver... More   View all posts
Duane Lyons


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