Supply Chain

How Smart is Your Supply Chain?

How smart is your supply chain

How smart is your supply chain

Supply chain management has never been a piece of cake. There are challenges related to cost fluctuations, supply disruptions, transportation capacity misjudgments, constraints, and many other challenges. Are you fully utilizing your ability to interconnect, automate, and introducing intelligence to the way your supply chain predicts disruptions, and smartly change course to keep business humming? What resources and support you need to make this happen?


Jane Barrett

Jane Barrett, Managing Vice President, Gartner's AMR Supply Chain Research group

Jane Barrett is a managing vice president in Gartner's AMR Supply Chain Research group. Jane leads the analyst team covering the consumer, retail, industrial and high-tech value chains. As an analyst, she helps organizations with supply cha... More   View all posts

Michael J. Naatz

Michael J. Naatz, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Information and Service Officer, YRC Worldwide

As chief customer officer, Mike Naatz leads the sales, information technology, customer service and quality teams for YRC Worldwide. Named to the position in 2010, he is responsible for strategies that deliver an integrated experience for Y... More   View all posts

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