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Big Data

Has Big Data Delivered Tangible ROI?

Big Data - Has Big Data Delivered Tangible ROI?

With Big Data riding through the hype cycle for a bit, there are passionate advocates, skeptics, and naysayers. Big Data was introduced with a promise to fundamentally change the way we live and do business. Has it lived up to the promise and actually delivered significant tangible ROI?


Nicholas Marko

Nicholas Marko, Chief Data Officer, Geisinger Health System

Dr. Nicholas Marko Chief Data Officer, Geisinger Health System Maximizing the potential applications of an organization’s information and freeing its data from constraints that impede end-user access are the driving forces behind th... More   View all posts
Dr. Phil Shelley

Dr. Phil Shelley, Former CTO, Sears Holding

As former CTO of Sears Holdings, Dr. Phil Shelley has several years experience in helping move a large iconic brand into a near real-time model where digital engagement with customers has become the norm. Like many companies, Sears IT lands... More   View all posts
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