Give us your 2 cents on your IT Priorities for Next Year!

Give us your 2 cents on your IT Priorities for Next Year!

The end of the year is always a time for retrospection, introspection, and speculation. Retrospectively, back in 2009, CIO Talk Radio looked at: Priorities for a CIO’s 2010 Agenda? At that time, the economy was supposed to be coming out of the “Great Recession” that had started in 2007. Today, a little over a year later and about to begin 2012, we find that businesses and IT organizations are still feeling the after effects of that downturn. Will that improve? Politicos in the US and Europe are continuing to squabble over government debt. And yet we know that Technology will continue to evolve, global competition will force change, and IT will pursue new ways to provide value to business and innovate.

The tech trends that will affect IT priorities:

Gartner has identified 10 trends including (big surprise!) Cloud computing, Big Data, In-memory computing, next-generation analytics, Mobility apps & interfaces, social Media, tablets, and more app stores to sell applications for all the mobile gadgets the IT and business force will be using. as cloud computing takes over the nitty-gritty of moving data to them. BI and Big data are going mobile too, promising real time, collaborative decision making, and Gartner has duly identified 9 data warehousing trends.

Bloggers such as Jim Finnan of CIO zone pinpoints the same 5 technology trends:

    • Mobile,
    • Big Data,
    • User Engagement,
    • the Consumerization of IT and
    • Cloud Computing.

None of these trends are any surprise, but questions do remain for introspection & speculation: Where are we going with them, especially business analytics and big data (Big Fuss or Big Biz)? How are we going to put these trends to use to help our businesses prosper, grow, and innovate? Is there any inkling of surprises that might be in store for our IT organizations in the coming year?

What do you see as important for your IT and enterprise in 2012? Please share your priorities with us in our poll: As an IT leader, what are your priorities for 2012? Then compare your list with NASA CIO Linda Cureton and other guests who will discuss CIO Agenda 2012 on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011.

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