Generic vs. Branded IT
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Generic vs. Branded IT

Innovation - Generic vs. Branded IT

At many times IT leaders may go with a *generic* IT solution rather than a branded focused custom IT solution, built to specific business requirements with corporate strategy in mind. While we pay lip service to Business-IT alignment and innovation mantras, are we truly contributing to making alignment and innovation a reality when we settle for the easier path of least resistance and the status quo?


Charles A. Bremer, Vice President, Information Technology, Ameren Corporation

Charles A. Bremer is Vice President, Information Technology, Ameren Corporation. He assumed the position of Vice President, Information Technology in 1993 and added the responsibility for the newly formed Ameren Services Center in 2005. Pri... More   View all posts

William Bryan, Chief Information Officer, State of Missouri

Bill is a third-generation Missourian – born, bred and educated in the Show-Me State. Bill was appointed state CIO in 2009. Prior to being appointed as state CIO, Bill served as Assistant Attorney General. During his 18 year career at the... More   View all posts

Doug Ross, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Western & Southern Financial Group

Doug Ross is vice president and chief technology officer at Western & Southern Financial Group (Western & Southern), based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ross joined the organization in 2005 with his current role, reporting directly to the ch... More   View all posts
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