Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in calling during the live broadcast and ask questions. How can I do that?

Sure. We urge the listeners to participate. You can call us at 866-472-5790 and ask questions during the live broadcast.

You can also email your questions to questions@CIOTalkNetwork.com, specifying the show (live or archived) and we will make our best efforts to get your emailed question answered, if possible, by a guest on that particular show.

I am interested in advertising on the show or sponsoring the show. Who should I contact?

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available for companies (non-consulting) who sell technology products and services. For details, please contact advertise@CIOTalkNetwork.com or call 630-246-4596.

I’m a CIO/Author/Coach and I would like to write a guest blog on the site. How do I register?

You can register as a guest on our site here. We will get in touch with you to discuss topics that you wish to write about.

I would like to participate as a guest or suggest a guest for the show. What do I need to do?

Thanks for your interest! We would be very interested in knowing more about you or the individual you would like to recommend. Please send the bio and other credentials to participate@CIOTalkNetwork.com. We will contact you to discuss the opportunity further.

I would like to submit a case study or article to be discussed on the talk show. Is that possible?

That’s a great idea! We need a minimum of 2 weeks to prepare anything accepted for broadcast. Submit case studies to questions@CIOTalkNetwork.com. If the case study or article is related to an upcoming scheduled show, be sure to submit the case study or article 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date, and be sure to specify the show topic (live show only). Based on the time availability and relevance of the case study or article to a prescheduled show topic, we will make our best effort to discuss it. Please provide additional contact information for yourself or others, so we can reach you about questions or other information related to the case study or article.

If I submit a case study or article, will my name or my company name be read on the air?

We encourage submissions by listeners to make the show better and enhance learning opportunity for the listening community. For security reasons, we will not read the name of individuals or companies submitting the case studies or articles. However, for articles published in technology magazines (proof of publication will be required), we may read the name of the publication during the show.

Who do I contact concerning media requests, case studies, pitches and errors ?

Please visit our Contact page.


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