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Enabling Real Time Analytics

Innovation - Enabling Real Time Analytics

It goes without saying that the world could benefit from having real-time analytics embedded in their organizational workflow and decision making, but how are we currently approaching building or buying this capability? Innovative platforms such as in-memory computing could be an effective enabler of real-time analytics, but have these platforms been successful? If so, what would be the tenants of such a platform for it to create real value within the organization, and how far are we from adopting it? With that said, we wouldn’t want something so powerful to be seen as a privileged resource, so would it make sense to offer this as a service?

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Scott Zoldi, VP for Transaction Analytics, FICO Analytic Science Group

Scott Zoldi is vice president for transaction analytics in FICO’s Analytic Science group. He has responsibility for the analytic development of FICO’s transaction analytics products and solutions, including the FICO™ Falcon® Fraud Ma... More   View all posts
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