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Empowering High-Quality Customer Experience with Data and Analytics

Data and analytics offer tremendous opportunities to deliver high-quality customer experience and drive business success. However, enterprises must navigate numerous challenges to unlock their value, from ensuring data quality and consistency across multiple sources to finding skilled talent and implementing effective data governance. Several hurdles must be overcome, including technical infrastructure, data privacy and security, resistance to change, and measuring and demonstrating value.

So, how are enterprise leaders measuring and demonstrating the value of data-driven initiatives and realizing strategies for overcoming these obstacles to leverage data and analytics to empower high-quality customer experience effectively?

Watch this webinar to get answers to the pressing questions, including:

  • How to measure and demonstrate the value of data analytics to stakeholders?
  • How to overcome resistance to change and cultural barriers hindering the adoption of data-driven approaches?
  • How to determine data storage and processing power requirements for analyzing large datasets?
  • How to ensure data quality and consistency across multiple sources?
  • How to find and retain skilled talent in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence?
  • How to effectively integrate data analytics with business processes?
  • How to implement effective data governance processes and policies?
  • How to safeguard data privacy and security while adopting data and analytics?


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Abhi Seth

Abhi Seth, Chief Data Officer, TE Connectivity

Passionate & innovative, strategic thought leader & data evangelist who thrives in building high performing teams & solving complex problems. Abhi is shifting the conversation from Analytics Technology to Analytics ROI in large ... More   View all posts
Shawnna DelHierro

Shawnna DelHierro, Chief Information Technology Officer, Sportsman's Warehouse

Passionate and driven technology leader. Motivated, personable business professional with a successful twenty year track record of dynamic leadership and achievement. Talent for quickly mastering various systems, processes, trades and techn... More   View all posts
Sha Edathumparampil

Sha Edathumparampil, VP Digital Tech/Chief Data Officer, Baptist Health South Florida


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Abhi Seth


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