Developing a Mergers and Acquisitions IT Integration Plan

Leadership - Developing a Mergers and Acquisitions IT Integration Plan

For as long as mergers and acquisitions have been occurring among businesses, one of the areas that continually eludes those making the investments is the IT department. Those responsible for making the decisions tend to lack the technical expertise necessary to ask the appropriate due diligence questions of current IT capabilities, costs and risks. What’s an effective roadmap to integrate IT during M&A and to enable an easy transition? How do you choose what to retain and what to let go? How do you avoid challenges with politics and culture that could derail a transition? And what is IT’s appetite for security risk when the department is at its most vulnerable?


Karen Porter-Wolf

Karen Porter-Wolf, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Assurant Solutions

As CIO of Assurant Solutions, Ms. Porter-Wolf leads the charge in leveraging technology in intelligent ways to create platforms for growth across the company’s 24 locations in 13 countries, while supporting its mission to keep consumers c... More   View all posts
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Karen Porter-Wolf


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