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Creating a DevOps Vision and Roadmap

CXO - Creating a DevOps Vision and Roadmap
Creating a DevOps Vision and Roadmap

DevOps approach is gaining momentum because it tightly integrates development and testing with system operations. But how can the two groups work more closely together and automate the deployment process? How can dev teams make sure the changes map to the larger initiatives at the business level? How does the organization address the change management issues and focus on competitive differentiation and customer retention?


John Willis

John Willis, Co-Author, "The Devops Handbook"

John Willis is the Author of “The Devops Handbook” which he co-authored with Gene Kim and Jez Humble. He currently serves as the Director of Ecosystem Development for Docker, which he joined after SocketPlane, the company he co-founded,... More   View all posts
Leonard J. Hardy

Leonard J. Hardy, Senior Vice President of Operations & Technology, Northern Trust Corporation

Leonard Hardy is a Senior Vice President at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago. Len is the Director of Architecture and Innovation and the Chief Architect at Northern Trust. He is responsible for development and implementation of IT solu... More   View all posts


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