Author - Steven A Marks

Steven Marks has been active in every phase of the computer industry for over 30 years. He is also a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. His company, Executive Mentoring, is a leader in helping executives, both in and outside technology, develop their careers and enhance performance for increased success. As a CIO, Steven turned an early interest in technology into a far-reaching career marked by a rare ability to balance technical acumen with the ability to effectively manage staff and communicate with business executives.
• At the dawn of the personal computer era, Steven joined his brother at his company developing multi-user CP/M systems and wrote the definitive book on the TurboDOS operating system.
• He then went on to found one of the first companies to focus exclusively on PC networking and was one of Novell’s first resellers.
• He has been a consultant on large scale computing to Fortune 100 companies, including Kraft-General Foods, Baxter Healthcare, Philip Morris and Equitable Life.
• A leader of an innovative SaaS startup focused on the legal industry,
• A Vice President during the heyday of Lehman Brothers, where he managed both support for Investment Banking and developed an R&D skunkworks for the 6,500 PCs within the organization,
• For over 20 years Steven has served as CIO of several global professional
services firms leading innovation throughout the organization.
• Mr. Marks is the founder of the New York Large Law Firm CIO group and a
frequently requested speaker at major industry events.
• Currently, Steven is CIO of Brooklyn Law School.


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