Author - Scott Morey

Scott Morey is the senior vice president and chief information officer for Equity Office Properties Trust. As the youngest senior vice president in the corporate office, he is a part of the leadership group developing the overall strategy for approximately 100 individuals. In the two years that he has been with Equity Office, his department's annual operating budget has declined seven percent annually, while the quality and types of services provided to the organization has increased. Scott was directly responsible for the development and deployment of a leading edge customer relationship management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain and eCommerce initiative which continues to differentiate Equity Office as a premiere company in the United States. Additionally, Scott sits on the board of the prestigious Project Constellation, a real estate technology company that forms and sponsors real estate-related Internet, e-commerce and broadband enterprises. Scott is also one of the industry's most sought-after speakers on various topics pertaining to real estate and technology. He has presented at several industry events, including: The 2001 Commercial Real Estate Technology Conference; the 2002 PikeNet Forum; the 2002 Real Estate Management Technology Conference; Crain's 2002 Internet Quarterly Panel; and the 2002 RealComm conference. He also participated as an expert in the 2003 RealComm conference in June 2003. Scott has more than 15 years of real estate technology and operational experience. Prior to joining Equity Office, he served as a consulting services partner for Ernst & Young, heading their Midwest real estate technology practice as well as overseeing their high-growth consulting dot com marketing initiatives. Scott also worked as a consultant for Platinum Software Company and Andersen Consulting on a range of financial services, real estate, and business initiatives. Scott holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of San Diego.


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