Author - Paul Gossen

Paul Gossen has facilitated more than 120 breakthrough programs and conducted large organizational transformation initiatives for American Express, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and dozens of other companies. Paul is widely respected for having the credibility to get even old-school conservative executives to accept and adopt business transformation programs. After 25 years as a successful serial entrepreneur and business leadership innovator, Paul Gossen is well known for his credibility and high impact results in accelerating organizational transformation. Paul occasionally serves as a Board Director or in an interim C-level role in early stage portfolio companies for the venture capital community. His most recent book, Business Transformed, is a simple and powerful model for accelerating business transformation. An international success, the book is on its third printing and is available in English and Russian, with pending Turkish, Ukrainian and Mandarin editions. Paul has given his time to serve as a Board Director in 9 companies. He is a committed proponent that business transformation is integral to the management and governance of organizations. Paul's style is unique and fresh with a high-energy presentation manner. Paul is located in Vancouver Canada and conducts programs worldwide. An acclaimed keynote speaker, his passion is assisting business leaders to accelerate organizational results.


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