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Mitze Amoroso

Mitze Amoroso, CIO, ArchCare

Information Technology Leader with more than 20 years of strategic, operational IT and business planning experience in a ever changing complex environment. As a proactive, solution-oriented leader, Mitze has taken charge of the design, development and management of high performance, cost effective information systems and technology solutions. Mitze build teams that empower people to work to their full potential. Her comprehensive knowledge coupled with her excellent communication and consensus-building skills has allowed her to successfully implement applications, infrastructure and telecommunications systems that optimize operational efficiencies, meet the expectations of our users and keep pace with the changes in the technology environment.

Mitze Amoroso's Contributions

Healthcare Meets Hospitality

Complete with flat screen TVs in every room, room service, a grand piano in the foyer, elegant architecture and amenities for the whole family during your stay, hospitals are beginning to look more and more like upscale hotels. Healthcare should continually strive to improve the patient experience and remove the sterile, sickly environment that has […]


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