Author - Michael Clark

Michael Clark currently serves as USAID Contracting Officer Division Chief in the Bureau of Management. He oversees negotiation of contractracts to procure IT systems, developing and/or modifying procurement strategies, administering complex service contracts or pricing structure for extensive IT acquistions for USAID world-wide information management systems. With over 22 years Federal Government Contracting experience, Michael coordienates with senior USAID Internet Technology (IT) program officials, legal council, audit and finance officials, serving as the technical expert for IT procurement policies and procedures to ensure that Federal procurement laws and regulations are followed in acquiring IT tecnology goods and services in support of the USAD modernization plan.
Prior to joining the CIO officie, Michael served as contract officer with an unlimited warrant managing a procurement Team within the USAID office of Acquisition and Assistance (M/OAA) supporting a rapid-response portfolio consisting fo the office of transition initiatives (OTI) within the pillar bureau for Demoncracy, Conflict and Humanitarian assistance (DCHA), responsible as signatory for annual obligations of program funds from various funding sources and managing grants and cooperative agreements, personal service contracts, and a multiple award.
Before joining USAID in 1998, Michael served as a contract specialist for 9 years at the Naval Air Technical Services Facility in Philadelphia, PA, performing contract negotiations and administration for delivery orders, basic ordering agreement and fixed price contracts; issuance of delivery orders under existing requirements contacts and coordinating with Department of Defense government rerpsenatives at the contractor's plants for contact negotiations of all Naval Aircraft Technical Maintenance manuals.


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