Author - Lungile Mginqi

Lungile is an experienced executive with business & IT leadership expertise acquired over two decades of experience in leadership roles that span roles in business & technology consulting (Partner in Digitalisation), financial services (Country Managing Director), entrepreneurship (CEO|COO own entity) and Enterprise Information Technology (CIO).
Lungile holds a MSc in Engineering from UCT and a certificate in Business Innovation from Stanford University in California. Lungile achieved his transition from engineering to business through more than 16 years of management consulting. Lungile has enjoyed numerous career achievements including the shortest time to Partner at a Global Consulting firm, CEO at Diebold to avert a devastating Labour unrest and COO in his own company and now Group CIO at Sasol in charge of both IT and Digital. Lungile’s passion has always being about how much collaboration and team alignment can be achieved to drives a congruent business strategy.
Lungile has for over a year played the role of Sasol Group CIO to align the IT Strategy to match the business strategy while strengthen the mentality of the Digital IT organisation that does three things exceptional well, first certify and safeguard platform new & existing across Sasol landscape, second become one-with-business transitioning from relationship management to value through Product Portfolios, third do “brilliant basics” with IT service with the focus on measuring and actioning user experience.

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