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Author - Jeff Cann

Jeff has a diverse background of more than 20 years in information technology spanning basic research, software and system engineering, enterprise architecture, IT Operations, Service Desk, program and project management, and business consulting. He started his career developing technology skills in several software and system engineering positions and was soon encouraged to lead others. His formal transition to leadership began in 2003 when he defined a new IT service at S&P Global and grew the team from 3 to 33 engineers. This led to the Global IT Operations Director at the McGraw-Hill Companies, where he was responsible for 8 teams that spanned. He earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2006 and was fortunate in 2010 to continue his leadership training in the Society for Information Management (SIM) Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) in New York, NY. In RLF, he listened to the stories of 14 world-class CIOs and read 35 leadership books. He took this knowledge and hard-won experience in technology leadership positions into the market as a Principal Consultant at Spotlight, Inc. He led the superlative Encore Electric, Inc. team in the implementation of their Construction Management cloud ERP system. In 2014, he joined Encore Electric, Inc., a large regional commercial electrical contractor that specializes in building complex construction projects. He is the Chief Strategist and CIO and brought creative thinking, tools, and best practices to modernize the Encore IT environment. He leads the executive team in the program management and implementation of Encore’s business strategy and focuses on the importance of disciplined approach to providing support services to Encore’s exceptional craftsmen.

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