Author - Howard Smith

Howard Smith is the Chief Technology Officer, CSC, European Group, and a senior leader of CSC's corporate office of innovation. He is currently the global lead for CSC's Collective Intelligence program. With more than 25 years in the IT industry, he is a widely respected, sought after keynote speaker and advisor. A technologist and author of two books, his work in predicting and shaping technology at the intersection with business led him to take an active role in the development of business process management (BPM) in the post-reengineering era. As co-founder with Intalio of, his work led to the development of today's modern BPMS products and the BPMN notation. His new venture,, is now developing a notation and methodology for process innovation and TRIZ. The innovation of BPM is described in his book, Business Process Management: The Third Wave, co-authored with Peter Fingar, A featured recommendation of the Harvard Business School.


IT Security: Future Perfect?

Today’s IT security is only as effective as the human beings who implement and monitor it. Technology may promise self healing, intelligent, automated...


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