Author - Douglas Hubbard

Douglas Hubbard is the inventor of Applied Information Economics (AIE). His methodology has earned him critical praise from The Gartner Group, Giga Information Group and Forrester Research. Doug is an internationally recognized expert in the field of IT value and is a popular speaker at numerous conferences. His published articles are in Information Week, CIO Enterprise, and DBMS Magazine. He was formerly with Coopers & Lybrand and has over 18 years experience in IT management including 10 years experience specifically in teaching organizations to use his AIE method. His other professional experience includes managing large IT strategy and software projects in insurance, manufacturing, nuclear power, banking and pharmaceuticals.


The True Measure of IT Value!

Try talking to an IT Leader about how to measure value of IT for an organization. Usually, the answer is long winded and full of abstraction. Now is the time...


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