Author - Danny Saadon

New York, NY - Danny Saadon is Vice President/General Manager of EL AL Israel Airlines for North and Central America, the largest and most important operation for the airline (outside of Israel) that generates the most tourism to the country. In this position, Saadon oversees all operations for EL AL throughout the region and is based at EL AL's North American Headquarters in New York City.
Saadon has been with EL AL for more than four decades in several managerial positions, including Airport Operations Manager in a variety of countries when history was made for the State of Israel and EL AL. The most significant events include the 1976 Israeli Raid on Entebbe while Saadon was based in Nairobi, Kenya and the rescue of Israelis and Iranians during the 1978 Iranian revolution while he was in Tehran, Iran. As the EL AL Ben Gurion Airport Manager in 1991, Saadon was also involved in Operation Solomon when EL AL assisted in the covert Israeli military operation that rescued 15,000 Ethiopians via airlift to Israel.
Most recently, from 2006 through 2011, Saadon was Vice President and General Manager of the EL AL branch in Israel. This office brings in the largest volume of business for the airline with sales of $1 billion annually. Previously, Saadon held a steady string of upper management positions with EL AL including General Manager in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as Ground Operations Manager in the United States.


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