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Brian Haugabrook

Brian Haugabrook, CIO, Valdosta State University

Brian Haugabrook is the Chief Information Officer at Valdosta State University. Brian manages all the various technology services at the university that includes classroom technologies, application development, data center, networking, security, business intelligence, retail, financial, help desk, and technical support. He provides leadership to the university in aligning technology related initiatives and solutions to support the organization strategic goals. The top priority for Brian as CIO is improving the student experience. This includes ensuring a great and personalized experience from the first contact with a student through post-graduation for all services. Under Brian’s leadership, the IT division has been nationally recognized and received numerous awards that include University Business Magazine, Computerworld, Campus Technology, University System of Georgia, Ovum Industry Congress, and Oracle. Brian has personally received several service awards, nominated top 40 under 40, president of staff council, and named among Computerworld’s 2015 Premier 100 IT Leaders. He mentors other professionals and youth in the local community to encourage the importance of education and working hard. In his previous role of Director of Enterprise Applications and Analytics, Brian lead the development of a nationally recognized business intelligence solution to improve student success. By leveraging innovative solutions his division created new best practices for predictive analytics in higher education to improve student success. Brian has held previous roles at State Farm and is co-owner of a property management company. Brian is an alumni of Valdosta State University with a BS in Computer Science and Master of Public Administration. Future goal is to have a global impact and change the world by working hard, being creative, thinking innovatively, and helping others reach their greatest potential.

Brian Haugabrook's Contributions

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