Author - Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson started his career as an academic. Before his extra-curricular activities prevailed, he served as a tenured Professor at USC from 1985 to 1996. An active researcher and writer, he was acknowledged as the most widely cited academic in the field of international management during the 1985-1995 decade by the Journal of International Business Studies. His book 2020 Vision (with Stan Davis) was selected as the Best Business Book of the year by Fortune Magazine in 1992. He has written seven other books on management, including The Amazing Race. Breakthrough: How Great Companies set Outrageous Objectives – and Achieve Them, was published by John Wiley Press in 2004. He is currently completing a new book titled Great China. Bill founded MESA Inc., a management consulting firm acquired by Deloitte & Touche in 1996. As a national partner at Deloitte, he held global practice leadership responsibilities in the telecom sector during which time the practice grew by more than ten fold. After leaving Deloitte, he started a new organization, MESA Research Group, which focuses on global growth strategies and leadership development. MESA has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 in the area of leadership development. Long active in Asia, Bill was a founding faculty member of the Japan-US Friendship Society, the International University of Japan, the Dalian Institute in the PRC, and the School of Inspired Leadership in Delhi, India. He is the chairman of Vistage China, a learning organization for CEOs of major companies in China. He is also a principal in the Eagle China New Economy Fund, focusing on TMT ventures. Bill has served on the board of directors of 6 public companies and a larger number of private companies. He is chairman of Nimbus Materials, a thin film thermos-electric technology venture. Bill earned an A.B. in economics, an M.B.A. and a doctorate in business administration, all from Harvard University. He lives in Rancho Mirage, California, is an active surfer and skier, and plays on an ice hockey team with his oldest son.


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