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Karen Porter-Wolf

Karen Porter-Wolf, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Assurant Solutions

As CIO of Assurant Solutions, Ms. Porter-Wolf leads the charge in leveraging technology in intelligent ways to create platforms for growth across the company’s 24 locations in 13 countries, while supporting its mission to keep consumers connected to their digital lives through mobile insurance and extended protection programs. She has been with Assurant Solutions, and its parent company Assurant Inc., for more than 16 years. In that time, Ms. Porter-Wolf has made significant contributions to the business including establishing a claims processing center in Ireland, creating a unified regulatory compliance division for the Assurant enterprise and serving as Interim General Manager of the Mexico office. Previously, Ms. Porter-Wolf served as senior vice president of global client management and senior vice president of regulatory compliance for the Assurant enterprise. Ms. Porter-Wolf began her career with Assurant Solutions in 1995 as a manager in financial claims. She was promoted to director and later to vice president of claims when she relocated to Ireland to open Assurant Services Ireland, Ltd. The office opened with 24 associates and had doubled by the time she returned to Miami in 2001. Ms. Porter-Wolf holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

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