‘Cloud Reimagined’ : Exploring New Ideas Behind Cloud Computing

‘Cloud Reimagined’ : Exploring New Ideas Behind Cloud Computing

IT decision makers have heard all they’ve needed to hear about cloud computing. They’re perfectly aware of the security challenges, the vendor risks, the infrastructure capabilities, scalability and flexibility challenges, etc. And yet conversations about cloud have been run into the ground long before the technology has reached its full maturity.

Now the discussion isn’t going in new directions; it’s starting from scratch, and something like a Virtual Private Cloud has raised completely new questions and possibilities for IT decision makers.

What is Cloud Reimagined?

Cloud Reimagined” is designed to explore new places where enterprises can take and leverage the cloud. We don’t want to ask the now granular questions that have already been talked to death; we want to challenge the norm.

How can the cloud suit your business needs, not how can you adapt your business needs to the existing cloud offerings? How can the cloud itself make for a secure enterprise, not how can we make sure the cloud is secure.

How can the cloud help make Big Data and Mobility easier and provide your organization with the flexibility to do what you imagined? This is an exploratory series in which “Cloud Reimagined” isn’t just a title but a new starting point for the cloud’s potential. Here’s just a little of what we have in store.

New Ideas behind Cloud Computing

1. Leveraging Cloud to Invite Big Data and Mobility

One thing we wondered as discussions about cloud, Big Data and mobility have grown is why organizations haven’t put two and two together and actively tried to invite Big Data and mobility into the organization through the cloud. The cloud was originally envisioned to work in real-time, and it was envisioned to be accessed from anywhere.

The connection between the three then would seem like a no-brainer, but it still begs the question, how do you actually go about introducing these elements through the cloud? What would it take upfront, what are the differences between both Big Data and mobility that might strain the cloud infrastructure, and can it actually be done for a low cost, low risk and with high resiliency?

2. Cloud Suitability and Transformation

If an organization is really considering a cloud option, it’s time to go big or go home. Decision makers should be thinking that cloud could become the single platform across all infrastructure and application elements in the future.

But at what point do you know for certain you have to make that jump to become 100 percent cloud suitable? Which cloud model will produce the most value for your organization? How much work in our current applications and infrastructure will it take to get us ready and to get the cloud itself ready?

3. Cloud Enabled Security

We’re sure your on-premise network is very secure, but if you’re a CISO, you might only say that because the cloud historically has not been secure, and at the very least a perception now exists that claims as much.

There have been quite a few security related innovations in an attempt to change that stigma, and now we’re offering a blank slate to that CISO. Which environment is inherently more equipped for our security needs, and how would the cloud have to match up such that you could sleep soundly?

4. Evaluating HP’s Virtual Private Cloud

After all is said and done in this series, you might start asking what cloud solution is really best for your organization. HP’s Virtual Private Cloud is one such option, but they’re making a lot of bold claims about their premium service, and they’re still new in this arena.

So we put their VPC to the test by chatting with HP’s CTO Chris Moyer. We asked him if they can really claim the level of security and flexibility that they’re boasting such that we can help you perform your necessary due diligence.

Keep checking the CTR blog for more insights as part of the “Cloud Reimagined” series and view the whole “Cloud Reimagined” series here.

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