Cloud Maturity Model Conundrum

Cloud Maturity Model Conundrum

Not everyone agrees on the need for a maturity model for cloud. There are several out there, mostly for SOA, with roots based on CMMI. Having to follow any kind of maturity model framework traditionally creates additional overhead. Given IT’s competing imperatives for using structured models to provide metrics and lay out milestones vs. adding overhead costs, some IT organizations may be less open to the idea of adopting a formal Cloud Maturity Model. (BTW, tell us what Cloud talent you’re looking for, as you move your organization into the Cloud.)

    • What can a cloud maturity model do for us?
    • Can a cloud maturity model help us better understand the steps needed to reach a presumably successful cloud?
    • Could it function as a benchmark?
    • More pertinently, what is the model’s final optimizing level about?
    • If the maturity model is about measuring the overall skills and processes used in developing cloud apps, how does that help with specific projects?
    • If the model lets you rate specific projects, how do you factor in cheaper non-cloud alternatives into it, where they might make more sense even used in conjunction with some cloud element?
    • Are enterprises totally comfortable with Cloud or are there doubts? What are your concerns regarding Enterprise Cloud?

Whether you and your organization are adopting a Cloud Maturity Model of not, we hope you will tune in to CIO Talk Network on November 9th, 2011 to listen to the discussion: Where are you on the Cloud Maturity Model? With Lisa Feldner, CIO of North Dakota, and Peter Cook, CIO Europe, for GSS, Wolters Kluwer N.V. And if you are currently looking at Cloud solutions, we recommend a series of blogs by CIO Eric Dirst, of DeVry, Inc. for first hand expert advice. We also recommend some of our past shows on Cloud, including our June 22 show on Hybrid Cloud, with Revlon CIO David Giambruno, Flextronics CIO David Smoley, and CTO Russ Daniels of HP.

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