Big Data

Can Big Data help sales make its numbers?

Can Big Data help sales make its numbers?

Metric identification, data collection, comparing and contrasting, focused action and sustained improvement…  these are the elements needed for the sales function to be more effective and help individuals and organizations to make their sales numbers!  Obviously, Sales can no longer depend solely on transactional data, since there is more to understanding how, why, and when people buy.  Could Big Data help in this endeavor?


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Dr. Kevin Kramer

Dr. Kevin Kramer, Head of Sales Analytics and Optimization, Aetna

Kevin Kramer, Ph.D. is Head of Sales Analytics and Optimization at Aetna, providing Business Intelligence and analytic support across the Commercial Sector. His team supports an array of sales, marketing, business, and operational function... More   View all posts
Dr. Kathe Fox

Dr. Kathe Fox, Head of Informatics, Aetna Financial

Kathe Fox , Ph.D., is Head of Informatics and Strategic Alignment for Aetna, including: 1) evaluating care management programs, 2) supporting the design and assessment of provider and network services, 3) supporting the assessment and moni... More   View all posts
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Dr. Kevin Kramer


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